A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Visitor Center is a lovingly crafted "cover" of the first-person interiors from Jurassic Park on the SNES. Although updated for modern playability, it captures the spirit and challenge of the original 1993 game.

As a short-form game, it focuses on the central interior of the original: the Visitor Center. You must escape the maze-like Visitor Center while surviving dinosaurs. 

An adventure 24 years in the making! Spared no expense!


Best played with a gamepad, but keyboard also works.


  • The game can be hard. Expect to die.
  • Be conservative using ammo.
  • Health and ammo are capped, pick up items strategically.
  • Only use cattle prod as last resort, or else!

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VisitorCenter-1.1-win.zip 29 MB
VisitorCenter-1.1-osx.zip 32 MB

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I love that it looks exactly in the style of wolfenstien3D and early doom games! good job!i love it! 10/10

First of all, congratulations on such a fun game, I had a blast. I know I might be coming late to the party, but there's this series of videos of this guya who made a 3d level viewer, from which it would be so easy to get stills for the textures, which can be seen here:

Maybe you could add more stages with the rest of the 3d levels of the game? That would make for some awesome JP action!

Thank you so much for this.

As a child (now 34) I NEVER got this far in the original game as it scared he CRAP out of me.

This was superb. :D

Linux version?




Loving it! Thank you!

Any chance we can get a windowed mode? It's a little too big on my screen and i'd love to shrink it to a smaller window.

If you hold down Shift (Option on OSX) while starting, it should give you a dialog to run in windowed mode.


I really hate to say this but I hope this doesn't somehow get taken down for copyright.


Me too! Since no actual Jurassic Park trademarks are used afaik, it would be the current owner of the game copyright to take it down, originally Ocean Software. They've gone through a number of owners and I think currently Atari owns them. Since it's "just" the game copyright of a now defunct publisher, I think as long as it's under the radar it'll be fine. It's basically a fan game, not making any money, not infringing on major license trademarks. 

As long as he keeps the Jurassic park trademark out of it and just calls it Visitor center it should be fine. Pretty sure nobody owns the copyright to "Visitor Center".


This game was SO MUCH FUN. I accidentally the whole game 

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This. is. amazing. Super glad you liked it! I'm going to a fix a few things before the final release that I learned from watching this great playthrough. Posting this was dangerous, it makes me want to make more content for this one ...


This is awesome! Learned a lot from watching you play.

Ya wasn't sure if the taser mechanic was used for anything? Didn't seem to be able to kill any dinosaurs with it.

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It will it just has to be held on them for a bit. And then ultimately it doesn't kill them, [SPOILER REDACTED]. Last resort weapon. Better to find some shotgun ammo or rockets.

Needs strafe rather than rotate. Its just easier to play that way. I didn't make it far.

You can strafe if you use WASD or a gamepad. :D

WOW. I LOVED this game growing up. Can't wait to play!!!