A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Visitor Center is a lovingly crafted "cover" of the first-person interiors from Jurassic Park on the SNES. Although updated for modern playability, it captures the spirit and challenge of the original 1993 game.

As a short-form game, it focuses on the central interior of the original: the Visitor Center. You must escape the maze-like Visitor Center while surviving dinosaurs. 

An adventure 24 years in the making! Spared no expense!


Best played with a gamepad, but keyboard also works.


  • Left joystick: move w/ strafe
  • Right joystick: turn
  • Triggers: shoot
  • Left/right shoulder: switch weapon


  • WASD: move w/ strafe
  • Arrows: move w/ turning (protip: use with WASD)
  • Space: shoot
  • Tab: switch weapon


  • The game can be hard. Expect to die.
  • Be conservative using ammo.
  • Health and ammo are capped, pick up items strategically.
  • Only use cattle prod as last resort, or else!


Currently in beta and seeking feedback. Coming soon:

  • Full computer terminal experience from the original
  • Maybe Bolas. Maybe.
  • Properly swinging doors...
  • Where does that static door lead to?


VisitorCenter-1.0b-osx.zip (32 MB)
VisitorCenter-1.0b-win.zip (28 MB)

Development log


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This game was SO MUCH FUN. I accidentally the whole game 

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This. is. amazing. Super glad you liked it! I'm going to a fix a few things before the final release that I learned from watching this great playthrough. Posting this was dangerous, it makes me want to make more content for this one ...


This is awesome! Learned a lot from watching you play.

Ya wasn't sure if the taser mechanic was used for anything? Didn't seem to be able to kill any dinosaurs with it.

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It will it just has to be held on them for a bit. And then ultimately it doesn't kill them, [SPOILER REDACTED]. Last resort weapon. Better to find some shotgun ammo or rockets.

Needs strafe rather than rotate. Its just easier to play that way. I didn't make it far.

You can strafe if you use WASD or a gamepad. :D

WOW. I LOVED this game growing up. Can't wait to play!!!