Mapping out the Visitor Center

Mapping out the interiors of Jurassic Park was the first of two steps in getting the level geometry into Visitor Center. The second step was transcribing the map into Unity. Here is a time lapse of the first step. It involves drawing out the floor plan on grid paper, and then also the wall textures and item placement. I came up with a simple notation for wall textures.

I did another pass to map out dinosaurs since I had to clear out the interiors to safely get the floor plan. Although I allowed myself to change placement of items and dinosaurs to improve gameplay, I was very meticulous about getting the levels transcribed exactly. 

You can't really see what it's like to play the original in my video, so here's somebody's longplay of the game. Hopefully it skips to the right part when they enter the Visitor Center at 8:50. Notice the obnoxious HUD, allowing the developers to reduce the screen size for rendering 3D. Also notice the terrible frame rate. 

What you can't tell is what it feels like to play. The controls were not great. A big difference in Visitor Center from the original is the ability to strafe. Combined with a low frame rate, it was sometimes frustrating to move around. I loved it anyway.

If you watch more of this longplay, you might see them use one of the computer terminals. That was one of my favorite parts and I've yet to put it into Visitor Center. Remember, the current release is just a beta, so more to come soon!

Also I love the playthroughs some of you are posting! It's already made it worth it for me to make this. And they're helping me improve the game. Please post more!

Next post I'll share a time lapse taking the grid paper map and using it to recreate the level in Unity. 

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