Floor Maps

While I finish polishing the final version, I decided to release these views from my sector extension to Unity. These are all the floors in the game at the present time. There's no map in the game, but perhaps these will be helpful for anybody that needs them.

Sub Level

Ground Level

Floor 1

Roof Level

All the floor names are from the original game. Some people ask about Floor 1, where you might expect it to be Floor 2. I'm pretty sure I was a bit confused myself when I played as a kid. I could be wrong, but I believe this is an artifact of the game being developed by a studio in the UK, where it's common to see this in actual elevators. I mean lifts.

Looking at these now, another interesting observation is that the Ground Floor doesn't have separate sectors for all rooms. Since there's no floor or ceiling height/texture differences, sectors for each room weren't necessary. It just became more manageable as I went along to make a sector for each room since I eventually organized objects into their respective sectors.

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