A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

An evil spirit from the Dark Realm is invading the forest. You must find and pass through the Dark Realm gate to fight it. However, the keys to the gate have been scattered across the forest and across the departing realms. Departing realms are parallel dimensions, each a step towards death. Be careful!

This game was developed in about 10 days during the month of November 2017 for the GitHub Game Off jam. The big hook idea was the "demake" departing realms, each representing the game in lower fidelity, roughly approximating different bit platforms.

Music jammed out by Hryx. About 40 hours of development was streamed on Twitch and archived on YouTube.


Best played with a gamepad, but keyboard and mouse also works.


  • Hold fire to pull back arrow without shooting.
  • Hit 3 enemies in a row to get a bomb arrow shot.
  • Turn up audio to hear approaching enemies.


DarkForest-0.9-osx.zip 37 MB
DarkForest-0.9-win.zip 31 MB

Development log


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That's a really cool concept and a great execution. I really enjoyed playing. Good job and thank you.

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I really enjoy the concept of the game, it is interesting. I spent a good time trying to find all keys.

Sometimes it is a bit difficult to see assets when only one heart is left, you
have to be careful not to die. Sounds really help here to spot incomming
skulls !

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Well tried of finding all keys?
So here is cheat to directly start at the Dark Realm

In ya file browser go into DarkForest_Data/

There are the following files:

Dark Forst
level2Dark Realm

swap level1 <-> level2 and you'll directly start in the Dark Realm

  1. Rename level1  to level1_tmp
  2. Rename level2 to level1
  3. Rename level1_tmp  to level2

Another nice configuration is to just 'rotate' the whole thing:

So it'll look like this:

level0Dark Forst
level1 Dark Realm

  1. Rename level0  => level0_tmp
  2. Rename level1  => level0
  3. Rename level2  => level1
  4. Rename level0_tmp  to level2

=> Like this you'll start in Dark Forest.
      Just manage to die there and you'll fall into the Dark Realm. :^)
      To go back into the Dark Forest press ESC and Quit to Menu

To turn of the background music in the Dark Realm just rename or delete the file sharedassets2.resource

In Dark Realm  kill 3 skulls in a row  to earn a fire arrow.   
Now shoot that fire arrow at the gold weakpoint at the back of the mega skull.