A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This NES inspired shooter-vania brings you retro arena shooter gameplay in first person. Loosely an homage to cult classic The Guardian Legend, but taking inspiration from several classics, this game will give you retro feels in aesthetics and gameplay. 

  • Demo features 3 of the 9+ distinctly themed areas
  • Solve puzzles and avoid traps in a non-linear sci-fi world
  • Blast hordes of enemies and take down unrelenting bosses
  • Discover weapons, equipment, and hidden upgrade shops
  • Rescue some of your favorite iconic indie game developers
  • Retro pixel art style in a low-poly, full 3D world
  • Unlockable secrets, surprises, easter eggs, and more!
  • Original chiptunes soundtrack by a guy named Stevie
  • Your commander is a hairless guinea pig

This is an ALPHA DEMO available for a limited time. Please report crashes and loving feedback in the community forum.


TIGL3D-dev-win.zip 78 MB
TIGL3D-dev-osx.zip 81 MB

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